The Wedding Ceremony

Ceremonies have a special role in our lives on an every day basis. Starting with the birth of a child in a family, ceremonies go on even after one’s demise. While a marriage celebrant may be required in a wedding ceremony, in all other ceremonies too, the services of a duly qualified and experienced professional in the field are necessary and called for.

Multiple ceremonies

Occasions on which the services of a professional are required include a wedding ceremony, commitment ceremony, same sex commitment ceremony, renewal of vows ceremony, naming ceremony, funeral ceremony and memorial ceremony.

Professional services

If you are living in Australia, you have the option to avail the services of Bronte Price, one of Melbourne’s best male celebrants who is well conversant with the customs and rituals associated with all the ceremonies mentioned above. He has devised special set of services for each ceremony. For certain ceremonies, he even allows you access to his own resources which are of a professional level. He takes care of all the legal requirements in connection with the ceremony concerned as well. If required, Bronte is open to travel outside Melbourne too. Once you get in touch with Bronte Price, you are relieved of all the tension associated with the ceremony.

How does Bronte operate?

Bronte Price starts with a free, no obligations meeting with his clients. This is followed by other meetings where the various finer points are discussed to make the ceremony smooth and stress-free. He is passionate about what he does. So, you can relax and take it easy. Bronte is warm, organized, positive and easy to get along with.

How to avail Bronte’s services?

You can check out Bronte’s availability and fix up your first meeting to discuss all the details by filling in and sending the Quick Contact Form on Bronte’s website. Alternatively, you can email him at or give him a call on 0410 456 327.